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National Emblems Of Countries

National Emblems


National Emblems

A National Emblem can be defined as the symbol of nation, usually an emblem or a seal reserved for the use by country. National Emblems are national symbols such as national flag, national birds etc.

Following is a list of National Emblems of countries.

List of National Emblems

Country Emblem
Australia Kangaroo
Bangladesh Water Lilly
Canada Maple Leaf, Lily
France Lily
Germany Corn Flower
Hong Kong Bauhinia
India Lion Capital of Ashoka
Iran Rose
Iran Rose
Israel Candelabrum
Italy White Lilly
Japan Chrysanthemum
Netherlands Lion
New Zealand Kiwi
Norway Lion
Pakistan Crescent and Star
Spain Eagle
Sri Lanka Lion
Turkey Crescent and Star
UK Rose
USA Golden Rod

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