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List Of Local Winds

Local Winds

Local Winds

A brief list of local winds with their nature and region.

List of Local Winds

Name Nature Region
Blizzard Cold Winds Tundra Region
Bora Cold & Dry Wind Hungary To Northern Italy
Chinook Hot & Dry Wind Rockies
Foehn Hot & Dry Wind Alps
Harmattan Hot & Dry Wind West Africa
Khamsin Hot & Dry Wind Egypt
Levanter Cold Wind Spain
Mistral Very Cold Wind Alps Over France
Norwester Hot Wind New Zealand
Punas Cold & Dry Wind The Western Side Of Andes
Purga Cold Wind Russian Tundra
Santa Ana Hot Wind South California
Sirocco Hot & Moist Wind Sahara To Mediterranean Sea
Solano Hot & Moist Wind Sahara Towards Iberian Peninsula

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