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Important Straits Of The World



A Strait is a channel of water or narrow passage of waterways that connects two larger water bodies. Straits are formed naturally.

There are many straits in the world such as Florida Strait connects Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico, Gibralter Strait connects Atlantic Ocean & Mediterranean Sea, and Malacca Strait connects Bay of Bengal & Java sea. Here is a list of some of the important straits in the world and the water bodies joined by them.

List of Important Straits Of The World

Name of the Strait Water Bodies Joined
Bab-al-Mandeb Arabian Sea & Red Sea
Bering Arctic Ocean & Bering Sea
Bosphorus Black Sea & Marmara Sea
Dover Atlantic Ocean & North Sea
Florida Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico
Gibralter Atlantic Ocean & Mediterranean Sea
Malacca Bay of Bengal & Java Sea
Megellan South Atlantic Ocean & South Pacific Ocean
Palk Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean
Sunda Indian Ocean & Java Sea

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