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Geographical Epithets

Yellow River - China Epithets

Yellow River – China Epithets

Epithets are words or phrases used to define some explicit quality of a place or object. Epithets are usually, adjectives.

Here is a list of some Geographical Epithets

Name Place
Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills, India
China’s Sorrow Hwang Ho
City of Dreaming Spires Oxford, England
City of Golden Gate San Francisco, USA
City of Sky Scrappers New York, USA
Cockpit of Europe Belgium
Dark Continent Africa
Eternal City Rome
Forbidden City Lhasa, Tibet
Granite City Aberdeen, Scotland
Herring Pond Atlantic Ocean
Island of Pearls Bahrain
Land of Golden Fleece Australia
Land of Mid Night Sun Norway
Land of Rising Sun Japan
Land of White Elephant Thailand
Never Never Land Prairies of Northern Australia
Pearl of Antilles Cuba
Pillars of Hercules Strait of Gibraltar
Queen of the Adriatic Venice, Italy
Sugar Bowl of the World Cuba
Venice of the East Cochin, India
Venice of the North Stockholm
Windy City Chicago, USA
Yellow River Hwang Ho


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